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Long ago, Bulgaria was a powerful European nation. While that era has passed, Bulgaria remains an attractive and budget-friendly destination with its Roman relics, historical sites, churches, and beautiful coastlines. It's a top choice for tourists due to its scenic beauty and various activities. Bulgaria's history is ancient and fascinating, evident in the many historical sites and artifacts throughout the country. Bulgaria's history, spanning Thracian times, the Roman Empire, and the Byzantine era, is a captivating narrative. Start in Sofia, the country's largest and bustling city, where ancient Roman ruins, exquisite Byzantine churches, Ottoman-era mosques, and modern architecture coexist seamlessly. Sofia is often the starting point for Bulgaria tours, providing a rich introduction to the nation's history and culture. Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city, is a history lover's paradise. Known as the "City of the Seven Hills," Plovdiv's Old Town is a charming district with cobblestone streets, lovely houses, and well-preserved Roman amphitheaters. Bulgaria's private tours frequently include Plovdiv, allowing travelers to deeply explore its historical riches. Bulgaria private tours frequently include this city in their itineraries, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in its rich history. Nestled amid the hills overlooking the Yantra River, Veliko Tarnovo is a town steeped in history and medieval grandeur. The Tsarevets Fortress and the vibrant Samovodska Charshia Street are among the highlights of this picturesque town. Bulgaria's natural scenery is both remarkable and varied, ranging from towering mountain chains to peaceful lakes, and lush woodlands to unspoiled coastlines, providing a wide array of outdoor adventures. The Rila Mountains are a paradise for hikers and nature enthusiasts. It's in this region that you'll come across the renowned Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, nestled amidst awe-inspiring mountain vistas. Bulgaria tour packages often include a visit to this iconic site. For wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, Pirin National Park is a pristine wilderness offering a haven for brown bears, chamois, and diverse bird species. With Bulgaria private tours, you can explore this untouched natural wonder. Bulgaria's Black Sea coast stretches over 350 kilometers, offering pristine beaches, vibrant resorts, and charming coastal towns. Sunny Beach is one of the most renowned beach resorts, boasting sandy shores, clear waters, water sports, and a lively nightlife. The ancient town of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a coastal gem where history and natural beauty converge. Bulgarian cuisine offers a delightful fusion of flavors, presenting a rich array of hearty and diverse dishes that highlight fresh ingredients and aromatic spices. Exploring Bulgaria's culinary delights is an integral part of any visit. Kick off your gastronomic adventure with banitsa, a flaky pastry filled with cheese, and kavarma, a slow-cooked stew, both emblematic of Bulgarian comfort food. On a scorching summer day, relish a bowl of tarator, a refreshing cold yogurt soup seasoned with cucumbers, garlic, and dill. Bulgarian yogurt is celebrated for its distinctive taste and probiotic qualities, making it a must-try for food enthusiasts. For wine connoisseurs, Bulgaria's extensive history of winemaking will be a source of delight. The Thracian Valley, benefiting from its favorable climate and fertile soil, is a haven for wine lovers. Bulgaria tour packages often include visits to boutique wineries, allowing you to indulge in wine tasting sessions while enjoying the picturesque vineyards. Bulgaria offers diverse cultural experiences, including the annual Rose Festival in the Rose Valley and peaceful retreats in charming villages. Bulgaria, known as the "Land of Roses" for its high-quality rose oil production, celebrates the Rose Festival in Kazanlak every June with parades, folk music, and the traditional rose-picking ritual. Bulgaria tours during this festival provide a unique cultural experience that immerses you in local traditions. For an authentic Bulgarian experience, consider venturing into the country's charming villages. Staying in a traditional Bulgarian house and immersing yourself in rural life can provide a refreshing contrast to city tours. Koprivshtitsa, known for its well-preserved 19th-century architecture, offers a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and a glimpse into Bulgaria's past. Bulgaria is home to a multitude of cultural festivals held all year round. The Kukeri Festival, observed in different parts of the country, stands out as a distinctive celebration marked by vibrant masks, intricate attire, and lively dances. Its purpose is to chase away malevolent spirits and invite good luck. Bulgaria hosts numerous cultural festivals throughout the year. The Kukeri Festival, celebrated in various regions of the country, is a unique event featuring colorful masks, elaborate costumes, and festive dances, all aimed at warding off evil spirits and bringing good fortune. Bulgaria tour packages often include visits to these cultural celebrations, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the local traditions. One of the defining features of Bulgaria is the warmth and friendliness of its people. Bulgarians are known for their hospitality and their eagerness to share their culture and traditions with visitors. Engaging with locals during your Bulgaria tour can lead to some of the most memorable and authentic experiences. Bulgaria is a destination that offers a myriad of experiences, from historical explorations and natural wonders to culinary delights and unique cultural celebrations. It is a country awaiting to be explored!

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Top destinations to visit in Bulgaria

Your Bulgaria travel must include the following-

  1. Sofia City: The capital city, Sofia, is both the largest city and a separate administrative region.
  2. Sofia Province: Surrounding the capital, this province includes suburban and rural areas.
  3. Plovdiv Province: Home to the city of Plovdiv, known for its rich history and culture.
  4. Varna Province: Located on the Black Sea coast, it includes the city of Varna, a major coastal destination.
  5. Burgas Province: Another coastal province with the city of Burgas and access to the Black Sea.
  6. Veliko Tarnovo Province: Known for the historic city of Veliko Tarnovo, which was the medieval capital of Bulgaria.
  7. Ruse Province: Situated along the Danube River, it includes the city of Ruse.
  8. Blagoevgrad Province: Home to the popular mountain destination of Bansko and the town of Blagoevgrad.
  9. Stara Zagora Province: Located in central Bulgaria, known for its historical significance.
  10. Haskovo Province: In the southern part of the country, bordering Turkey and Greece.


Best time to visit Bulgaria

The best time to visit Bulgaria is spring, from April to June. Bulgaria has mild weather with warm summers and cold winters. Summer is great for hiking and enjoying the Black Sea coast.

Experiences you should not miss in Bulgaria

1. Visit the Alexander Nevski Cathedral
Among the top attractions in Bulgaria, a visit to the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, located in a square that shares its name, remains an enduring favorite. Its pristine golden domes, painstakingly restored with gold leaf from the Russian Orthodox Church, continue to dominate the city's skyline and glisten in any sunlight. Even on overcast days, their radiance can brighten the surroundings.
Constructed in the ornate neo-Byzantine style between 1882 and 1912, the cathedral is dedicated to St. Alexander Nevski, a Russian tsar known for leading his country to victory over Sweden in 1240. He served as the patron saint of Tsar Alexander II, the Russian ruler during the cathedral's construction.
2. Stroll the Plovdiv's Old Town
Plovdiv, situated in the Plain of Thrace, stands as Bulgaria's second-largest city and arguably one of the most charming. The most delightful approach to Plovdiv's Old Town involves following ul Saborna, a winding path that ascends to the Nebet Tepe Citadel from pl Dzhumaya.
As you ascend, the first captivating sight on your right (up a set of steep steps) is the Church of the Virgin Mary, distinguished by its vibrant pink and blue clock tower. A brief detour from here leads you to the remarkable Roman Amphitheatre.
Constructed in the 2nd century during Emperor Marcus Aurelius' rule, it stands as Bulgaria's best-preserved Roman monument. Today, it serves as a venue for operas, plays, and concerts, with performances nearly every evening during the summer, including the renowned Verdi Festival.
3. Relax at the Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach is renowned for its extensive, gently sloping sandy shores that lead to the Black Sea and its vibrant nightlife, which draws in numerous tourists. Stretching for eight kilometers along the coastline, these golden beaches provide an ideal setting for sunbathing and swimming. The area boasts clean beaches that are well-protected from the elements, creating perfect conditions for swimming. The coastal region is also home to a variety of reasonably priced, family-friendly hotels. Sunny Beach is the perfect destination if you seek a few days of relaxation in the sun and wish to explore nearby areas like the ancient town of Nessebar.
4. Discover Tsarevets Fortress
Tsarevets Fortress, a symbol of Bulgaria's historical grandeur, occupies the very spot where the medieval tsars' palace stood some 800 years ago when Tarnovo was the capital. As you explore the ancient, sprawling ruins, you'll encounter the remnants of more than 400 houses and countless churches.
The panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape offer insight into the strategic placement of the fortress, perched at 206 meters above sea level to safeguard the kingdom from potential invasions over the centuries. While a visit to this stronghold entails ascending steep slopes on foot, the absence of vehicular access allows you to freely wander the grounds and scale the aged walls in tranquility.

Things to know before traveling to Bulgaria

  1. Currency: Bulgaria's currency is the Bulgarian Lev (BGN). You'll find ATMs widely available, and credit cards are accepted in most places, especially in cities and tourist areas.
  2. Language: The official language is Bulgarian. While many Bulgarians working in the tourism industry speak English, it can be helpful to learn some basic Bulgarian phrases to enhance your experience.
  3. Safety: Bulgaria is generally a safe country for tourists. However, exercise common sense and be vigilant against pickpocketing and petty theft in crowded areas.
  4. Visa Requirements: Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter Bulgaria. Check the latest visa requirements well in advance of your trip.
  5. Local Cuisine: Bulgarian cuisine is diverse and flavorful. Don't miss trying local dishes like banitsa (a pastry filled with cheese), kavarma (slow-cooked stew), and Shopska salad. Bulgarian yogurt is also famous and delicious.
  6. Tipping: Tipping is customary in Bulgaria. In restaurants, a tip of around 10% of the bill is appreciated. You can also tip taxi drivers and tour guides.
  7. Transport: Bulgaria has a reliable public transportation system, especially in cities like Sofia and Plovdiv. Trains and buses are popular for traveling between cities.
  8. Weather: Bulgaria experiences four distinct seasons. Summers can be hot, especially on the Black Sea coast, while winters are cold with the potential for snow, particularly in the mountainous regions.


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